Sunday, October 12, 2008


I know this is late again, but hey, I am a Mormon, right! Anyways, we decided to invite the whole stake to learn about the many wonderful things that you can do with the crops that you have just harvested, and as with any good ward function, we included eating food as part of the curriculum. We had many great exhibitions set up throughout the gym such as freezer jam, apple butter, dried fruit, grape juice (not wine, mind you), Elk jerky (I know that isn't something you "harvest" but hey, who is going to resist jerky if it's offered to you), salsa, fresh bread and I'm sure I forgot something. The great thing is that a lot of the exhibitions were done by people not of our church. We had two great classes, one on freezing fruits, vegetables and meats (did you know that you could put a straw into a ziploc bag, close it most of the way, suck out the air and seal it shut just as you pull out the straw and it works almost as good as an expensive vacuum used for freezing) and a general class on canning, put on by my beloved mother, who came, even though she was sick- if you got sick right after that, I'm sure that there wasn't any connection.

This was the yummy elk jerky- if you missed it, be glad, it is the best tasting jerky that you will ever taste, and you will never get it again.

This was totally unposed, I was just deep into meditation!